AC-106 A4 Inkjet Printable Cotton Fabric Sheets (with removable paper backing)(for Desktop Printer)

Advantages :
- Inkjet Cotton Fabric Sheets.
- A4 Sheets Size : 210mm x 297mm.
- Inks of Suitable : Water Pigment ink for Inkjet Desktop Printer.
- Directly Printable onto Cotton Fabric Sheets.
- Direct-to-Textile(Fabric)(Cloth).
- Easy-to-use AT HOME.
- After printing no need press-heating to fix the color.
- Excellent colorful appearance.
- Excellent printing quality and high solution.
- The inkjet fabric sheet has paper-backing, so can easy through your inkjet desktop printer.
- After printing 1 hour will easy removable paper backing.
- If need to rinse, after printing 24 hours, can to water-rinsed.
- The cotton fabric touch soft and can to sewing.

Application :
- DIY Create.
- Inkjet Pillow.
- Inkjet Quilts.
- Inkjet Cushions.
- Rich-application.